End-of-Life Service Reviews

Gathered Here has Australia’s largest database for customer reviews of end-of-life service providers, including funeral directors, funeral celebrants and monumental masons. Our website lists 1,500+ service providers who have collectively received 2,500+ reviews.

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Leaving a Review

If you have engaged the services of a vendor on our website, you may leave them a customer review by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to their listing page
  2. Scroll to the “Customer Reviews” section at the bottom
  3. Select your star rating, and enter your review, name and email

If you can’t find the name of the vendor you are seeking to review, email us at support@gatheredhere.com.au.


Our team checks all reviews that are submitted to ensure that they adhere to our posting and content guidelines, and are written by genuine customers.

Please note that due to our verification process, your review may take up to 30 minutes to be checked before it appears on the listing.

Negative Reviews

It’s important that vendors realise that not all reviews will be positive. Contrary to common understanding, a negative review can be an opportunity. Customers can become wary of business with only flawless reviews, and demonstrating how you deal with customers to resolve disputes can showcase professionalism and honesty.

We recommend that vendors do not argue or make accusations towards unhappy customers, and instead, offer a factual and empathetic reply with a suggested action to resolve the conflict (when possible).

Reviews that are defamatory, untruthful or not genuine contravene our posting and content guidelines and will be removed in accordance with our review process. If you feel a review has contravened our guidelines, please contact us at support@gatheredhere.com.au.