I am searching for a funeral home

How do you get the indicative price lists for your listed funeral homes and are they accurate?

We get our indicative price lists from:

  • calling, emailing and meeting with funeral homes directly as a mystery shopper
  • customers who share their quotes with us
  • general price lists provided by funeral homes

Please note that the prices displayed should be regarded as indicative prices and estimates only. Prices can vary due to exact preferences, the availability of discounts and packaged price options, as well as changes over time.

For an exact price quote, we recommend that you contact the funeral home using the enquiry form in their listing or alternatively, you can request customised quotes from funeral homes by completing our Request Quotes Form.

How does it work?

A. Instant Local Search:

  1. Search our database for all nearby funeral homes
  2. Compare price, services, photos and reviews
  3. When you’re ready, get in touch with your chosen funeral home using the one-click enquiry form on their listing page and they’ll take care of the rest

B. Get Customised Quotes

  1. Complete the Request Quotes Form
  2. Receive quotes from up to 3 funeral homes
  3. Choose a funeral home to take care of you if you are happy with the offer, otherwise there’s no obligation to move forward
I can’t find the prices I am searching for

We have tried to include the actual prices for the most fundamental and important items sought by families. If there are any other items that you would like to see prices for, please let us know using the Contact Us form and we will do our best to expand our coverage to include those items.


I am a funeral director

Why should I list my funeral home on Gathered Here?

The way customers find services is moving increasingly online. In a survey of families searching for funeral homes, we found that 72% of customers began their search for a funeral home online. However, properly managing a digital presence for any business is a full time job – search engine optimisation, paid advertising and content marketing are expensive and technical, and if not done correctly, can mean that your funeral home is being missed by potential customers. How many cases have you lost because local families couldn’t find you online, or because your digital presence wasn’t as polished as some of the bigger corporations?

We are the top-ranking website in Google for funerals and related subjects. Being listed on Gathered Here means that you’ll always be found by local customers searching for funeral services.

How do I list my funeral home on Gathered Here?

For information on the benefits of listing your business on Gathered Here, visit our information page for funeral homes.

To list your funeral home on Gathered Here, select your plan here and follow the prompts.

How does your partnership network work?

We have partnerships with local hospitals, hospices, carers, retirement villages and nursing homes who direct their clients and patients to our website to find funeral services. By being listed on Gathered Here you can take advantage our partnerships and be seen by more customers with immediate needs.

Why should I make my pricing available online?

Providing the best service and guiding grieving families through difficult periods is the most important role for any funeral home, but price often tends to form a significant part of the conversation early on. Upfront transparency of your services and pricing creates trust, reduces time spent answering questions, and results in more meaningful conversations with customers.

Why should I upgrade to a Premium membership?

Premium listings receive 5 times the number of views and bookings compared to Basic listings and have the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to qualified quote requests from local customers
  • Listed at the very top of all search results
  • Advertised in the “Top Nearby Funeral Homes” section in Basic listings
  • Highlighted in search results by a “Premium” badge
  • Displayed using a high quality profile photo in search results (instead of the default Google Street View image)
  • Include a custom “Who We Are” description
  • Import of up to 5 independent and verified customer reviews
  • Include up to 5 high quality photos which can be used to showcase the quality of facilities, products, services, staff and vehicles

For a full breakdown of our Basic, Premium and Enterprise plans, click here.

How do I upgrade to a Premium listing?

To upgrade to a Premium listing, click here and complete the form. If you already have a Basic listing we will replace it with your new Premium listing.

How do I claim my Basic listing?

To claim your Basic listing click on the “Claim this listing” link on the feature image of your listing and follow the prompts.

If you would like to claim your listing and upgrade to a Premium listing, you can also make that selection after following the “Claim this listing” link.

Why should I claim my funeral home?

It’s absolutely free to claim your Basic listing. Claiming your listing lets customers know that the listing has been verified and that the details are correct.

All claimed listings receive a “Verified” badge.

How do I get exclusive access to qualified quote requests?

If you are a Premium member, you will receive exclusive access to quote requests from customers in your area.

Whenever a local customer completes the Request Quotes Form on our website, we will forward you the details of their requirements. It is completely up to you whether you accept the quote request and get in touch with the customer.

Important: If you are selected by a customer after providing a quote, a Success Fee is payable after you have received payment for the services from the customer. For more details, please contact us at support@gatheredhere.com.au.

How do I update my price list or other details?

For updates or amendments to any details in your profile, please email us at support@gatheredhere.com.au


I work in a hospice / hospital / nursing home / care company

Why should we recommend Gathered Here to patients?

We’ve done all the hard work and research for families so they don’t need to spend days calling and meeting with funeral homes. With over 5,000+ services and listings, Gathered Here is Australia’s largest database for funeral services. Clearly itemised price lists for all listings, photos and customer reviews let families compare and find the right funeral home with confidence.

For more details, see our information page for carers.

How do I let my clients and patients know about Gathered Here?

Simply complete the Request Pamphlets Form and we will send you free pamphlets which you can use to direct your families to our website.

We also have a range of html and plain text email templates that you can use to send to your clients and patients. Get in touch with us at support@gatheredhere.com.au so we can tailor the right communications for you.

Are you an independent company?

We are 100% independent and not affiliated with any funeral homes or corporations. Unlike other comparison websites, we display all results, and not just a handful of funeral homes owned by affiliated companies.

Our independence allows us to list all available funeral homes so that families can see the full picture and make properly informed decisions. It’s our mission to take away the stress from finding the right funeral home and to give families confidence in the decisions they make.